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Forsyth County’s Emergency Operations Plan

Forsyth County’s Emergency Operations Plan

Jun 28, 2011


Citizens are encouraged to stay informed about disaster planning and response by reviewing our local Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

Forsyth County Mass Casualty Exercise

The current EOP for Winston-Salem and Forsyth County was adopted by the county and all municipal boards in October 2010. Its purpose is to help prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural or man-made disasters that may threaten our county, and ensure a coordinated and organized response to those hazards. In coordination with the national and state plans, our local EOP is consistent with the National Incident Management System requirements, state general statutes, and local ordinances for emergency management.

Emergency Operations Plan (Public Version)

  • Basic Plan – Summarizes local hazards, concept of operations, functional responsibilities, and direction & control.
  • General Annexes – Describe the incident command and emergency operations center structure, and local warning system applicable to any functional aspect of the EM system.
  • Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) – Address the concept of operations specific to a function, and lists the local agencies with primary and support responsibilities for each function.
  • Support Annexes – Describe the coordination and execution of common functional processes that may occur within the operation of an ESF, intended to foster efficient and effective incident management.
  • Incident Annexes (exempt from public records) – Describe the concept of operations to address elements of specific hazard situations that require specialized application of the EOP.


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