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How Can YOU Prepare for Avian Influenza?

How Can YOU Prepare for Avian Influenza?

Sep 29, 2015

The NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (NCDA & CS), along with emergency response stakeholders across NC, have been preparing for the potential impact of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), which has affected multiple mid-West and Northwestern states. Our best protection from this disease is prevention with bio-security measures. NCDA & CS has provided information on this infectious virus and its potential impacts at the NCDA & CS Avian Flu webpage. Information included at this site include: What is Avian Flu?, Consumer/Food Safety, Bio-security, Small-Backyard Flocks, Wild Birds & Hunting and Fall Ban on Live Bird Shows/Sales.


  1. Our food supply is safe! Sick birds are not processed for food.
  2. The risk to humans is low. No humans have become sick from this virus strain.
  3. NCDA & CS is actively monitoring for the virus and is ready to support poultry owners and local response measures should the virus be detected in the state.

If you have a backyard flock, you are required to register your flock (no matter the number of birds). Information about registration can be found at the NCDA & CS website .

If you detect flu-like symptoms in your flock, immediately report this information to the following:

NCDA & CS: (919) 733-7601    OR    USDA: (866) 536-7593

**Click on image below to see symptoms and other information**

HPAI_Warning signs

Forsyth County Cooperative Extension has provided a flyer for your reference:  Avian Influenza8-5-15

The USDA Blog also provides current information.

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