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NOAA Public Alert Radios Save Lives

NOAA Public Alert Radios Save Lives

Jun 25, 2010

NOAA NWRHow will you know if there is a severe storm or other type of hazardous situation occurring in your area? If you answered radio or T.V. broadcasts, what about in the middle of the night when you are likely to be sleeping? NOAA Public Alert Radios , also known as Weather Alert Radios, are designed to signal different types of alerts to the public for all-hazards situations, ranging from weather and human-caused emergencies to law enforcement alerts, such as child abductions, at all hours of the day and night. A critical step in disaster planning is having the capability of receiving emergency alerts and warnings. Be sure to include a NOAA Public Alert Radio in your emergency supply kit AND have one in your home and workplace for every day usage.

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