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Operation Secret Squirrel Exercise – Dec 2012



Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Emergency Management coordinated a multi-agency exercise in the Union Cross Road/Kernersville area in Dec of 2012. Over 140 participants from local, state and federal agencies came together to practice response operations for a potentially large-scale incident.

Local media covered the exercise. Click here for more information.


OpSecretSquirrel2012.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-001.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-002.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-006.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-009.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-026.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-028.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-036.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-040.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-041.jpg CommandPost2.JPG CommandPost3.JPG OP-SQUIRREL-043.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-049.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-058.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-062.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-068.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-069.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-072.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-075.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-079.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-082.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-091.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-106.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-108.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-109.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-122.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-123.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-155.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-157.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-159.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-212.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-215.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-221.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-223.jpg OP-SQUIRREL-225.jpg
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