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Saturday’s Message – Severe Weather Awareness Week 2011

Saturday’s Message – Severe Weather Awareness Week 2011

Mar 5, 2011

This week has been declared North Carolina’s Severe Weather Awareness Week for 2011. All week long, the National Weather Service has been issuing informative messages to help you prepare for severe weather.

We hope that you have taken time this week to think about the various types of severe weather that can threaten your home and family. North Carolina experiences a wide variety of severe weather ranging from lightning to flooding and tornadoes. NC RANKED #4 IN THE NATION FOR SEVERE WEATHER IN 2010.

Preparing before storms threaten is very important. A NOAA weather radio with a warning alarm tone and battery backup can be a vital tool in your home. Battery operated televisions will also help you stay in touch with local television stations that will be covering the severe weather event. The expansion of forecast and warning information available at your fingertips through wireless devices is increasing severe weather awareness and provides enhanced services when and where you need it.

Talk with your family about severe weather and develop a safety plan. Staying informed about severe weather and making sure that you know what to do when severe weather threatens will keep you and your family safe.

The mission of the National Weather Service is to protect life and property…but it is up to you to be prepared. Seconds can save lives so make sure that you know what to do once the alarm is sounded.

PDF of Saturday’s Message: Saturday_2011

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