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Severe Weather Awareness Week 2011

Severe Weather Awareness Week 2011

Feb 25, 2011

Governor Bev Perdue in conjunction with the National Weather Service and Department of Crime Control and Public Safety have declared the week of February 27th through March 5th as Severe Weather Awareness week for 2011. All week long the National Weather Service will be issuing informative messages to help you prepare for severe weather. Severe weather topics will be posted daily on ReadyFORSYTH.



Monday – defining severe thunderstorms

Tuesday – lightning

Wednesday – tornadoes

Thursday – flooding

Friday – the alert process

Saturday – preparing for severe weather

…Statewide Tornado Drill scheduled for Wednesday, March 2nd at 930 am…

On Wednesday…March 2nd at 930 am…the National Weather Service, in cooperation with local broadcasters, will conduct the statewide tornado drill in the form of a Required Monthly Test on all NOAA weather radio and public alert systems. The alarm test will activate the State Emergency Alert System and be carried by local radio broadcasters. This will allow schools, businesses and residents the opportunity to practice their tornado drills and enact safety plans.

Over the last several years a number of North Carolina residents have been injured and even killed by lightning, tornadoes and flooding. Property losses from tornadoes since 2005 have exceeded $53 million. Everyone across  North Carolina should use this week to think about what to do when threatened by lightning, hail, flooding and tornadoes.

Use this week to discuss safety at work and with your children or students. Talk about your severe weather plans…where to take shelter and practice taking refuge in a basement, hall closet or bathroom. These preparatory actions may save your life!

Check out the following link for more information about being prepared:

PDF of Sunday’s Severe Weather Awareness Week’s kickoff message: Sunday_2011

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